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Bella by Donna Satin Pillowcase

Bella by Donna proudly introduces our Premium Luxurious Satin Pillow Case Range

Lay your head down in ultimate luxury with our specially designed and hand-crafted 100% Royal Satin Pillow Case. Our luxurious Satin Pillow Case is the perfect end to your long day.

Satin has been recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, hair stylists as well as beauty experts for it amazing benefits.

Benefits include Anti-Ageing, Healthy Skin and Hair, Protecting fragile Hair Follicles and preventing Hair loss.

Anti-ageing, Complexion and Lashes

Satin Pillow Cases are not only soft to the touch, it allows your skin to breathe and move across your pillow case with ease. By allowing your skin to breathe, it prevents pores from clogging, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. The results of introducing a Satin Pillow Case to your sleep routine are healthier skin and reduced facial folds and wrinkles. Eyelash and Eyebrow breakage and/or loss can also be reduced, due to the smoothness of the satin pillow case. This can be very beneficial for those who wear eyelash extensions.

Healthy Hair

The friction and tugging of your hair whilst sleeping causes static electricity which results in frizzy hair as well as knotting and unmanageable hair. Pillowcases are also known for absorbing moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle, prone to breakage. Satin Pillow Cases allow your hair to glide freely over your pillowcase and doesn’t absorb your hair’s moisture, leaving it as silky and smooth as it was, when you first laid your head down.

It is unfortunate that hair follicles are so adversely affected by Chemotherapy and Radiation. During treatment, when your hair is falling out the Satin Pillowcase may assist with the rate at which your hair is falling out, by protecting it a bit more than your ordinary pillow would. After your Treatment your hair follicles will be extremely fragile and susceptible to breakage, your satin pillowcase will assist with protecting the new hair follicles and keep your hair moisturised and healthy, promoting growth.

Locally Manufactured

Our Luxurious Satin Pillow Cases are handmade in South Africa from imported royal Satin

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Product Size: 51(W) x 56(L)cm

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Material: Royal Satin

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