New Arrivals 2022 Catalogue

PLEASE NOTE THAT AMBIENT PICTURES USED IN OUR CATEGORIES ARE NOT NECESSARILY PART OF OUR PRODUCT RANGE. The actual colours of products may vary slightly from screen rendered colours shown in the catalogue. All product sizes have been indicated in centimetres. Sizes may vary sightly from those provided. Accessories used with products are not included unless otherwise stated. The artwork, designs and trademarks used to brand certain products are reproduced only as examples of type of branding offered. They are not endorsed by, or produced for the owners of the artwork, design or trademark. Printing options in this catalogue should be used as a guideline. DISCLAIMER GIFT6121 Bamboo Cutlery Set Material: Durable Bamboo Product size: 24cmx6cm Product details: This re-usable bamboo cutlery set comes in a handy canvas pouch ● This handy set is the perfect item to bring along to a picnic, taking your lunch to work and so much more ● This set of utensils includes a Knife, Fork, Spoon, Straw and straw cleaning Brush Screen Print A - 2 Col: 35 x 130mm Pad Print B - 1 Col: 9 x 50mm

GIFT9903 Salad Utensils Material: Bamboo Product size: 33.5cmx10cmx0.6cm Product details: Set of Bamboo Salad Utensils, in carry bag ● Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item Screen Print A - 2 Col: 60 x 230mm Pad Print B - 1 Col: 15 x 55mm

BOT6284 Natural Glass Bottle Material: Borosilicate glass, Cork Product size: 7cm (Dia) x 21.5cm ● 650ml Product details: Borosilicate glass bottle with a Cork lid ● Store your fresh made juices, water or other drinks in this glass bottle ● The Cork lid gives the decanter a natural look ● Cork absorbs liquids, bottle should be kept in an upright position at all times Pad Print A- 1 Col: 55 x 30mm

GIFT9836 TODO Set Material: Stainless Steel Product size: 20.5cmx4.2cmx2.3cm Product details: 12 pieces stationery set with ● 2 Pencils ● 6 Colouring pencils ● 1 Sharpener ● 1 Eraser ● Ruler incorporated in the lid of the Wooden box Screen Print A - 1 Col: 15 x 130mm B - 1 Col: 25 x 130mm Pad Print C - 1 Col: 15 x 55mm

GIFT9792 The Corky Chef Material: Polycotton, Cork Product size: 75cmx85cm Product details: Kitchen apron with Cork hem ● This different and fun Cork apron is a must have in any Kitchen Screen Print A - 4 Col: 200 x 200mm B - 4 Col: 110 x 100mm C - 4 Col: 110 x 120mm

BAG9897 Caribbean Beach Bag Material: 220gms Cotton Product size: 38cmx14cmx50cm Product details: Cotton and mesh Beach Bag Screen Print A - 6 Col: 200 x 200mm