Spring Day 2021 Catalogue

GIFT9630 Bamboo Straws Material: Bamboo ● Stainless Steel Nylon ● Cotton Product size: 19(W) x 0.8(Dia)cm Product details: Set of two reuseable Bamboo straws ● With Stainless Steel Nylon cleaning brush ● That comes in a cotton pouch ● Since Bamboo is a natural material the thickness and surface can vary Screen Print A - 1 Col: 160 x 40mm PreferredOptionsonGIFT9630 ScreenPrint A -1Col: 160x40mm A PLEASE NOTE THAT AMBIENT PICTURES USED IN OUR CATEGORIES ARE NOT NECESSARILY PART OF OUR PRODUCT RANGE. The actual colours of products may vary slightly from screen rendered colours shown in the catalogue. All product sizes have been indicated in centimetres. Sizes may vary sightly from those provided. Accessories used with products are not included unless otherwise stated. The artwork, designs and trademarks used to brand certain products are reproduced only as examples of type of branding offered. They are not endorsed by, or produced for the owners of the artwork, design or trademark. Printing options in this catalogue should be used as a guideline. DISCLAIMER